Everything you need to convert a campervan, motorhome or boat

Vehicle & Marine Electrics

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Campervan, Motorhome & Boat Electrics

Simply Split Charge will help you with all of the parts you need to safely wire up campervan, motorhome, works vehicle or boat to have additional power

We have set this page up in sections to our range of products so you can simply build a system suitable for your needs or select any of the popular packages

campervan electrics wiring kits

Everything you need for your conversion or project

Full Kits & Systems

In any conversion or project you will need certain key features to ensure your battery is fully maintained or you can connect safely to mains 240v to supply energy to all of the equipment that needs to be powered.

We can supply you wilth everything you will need so please have a look at our selection of popular packegs to suit all sizes of conversions or projects, large or small.

Powering your electrics

Batteries & Accessories

Every conversion or project has to start with a deep cycle leisure battery that is suitable to supply all of the power you need for your 12v or 24v devises.

We supply a great selection of AGM or Lithium batteries plus all of the accessories you may need to safely install and distribute power in your conversion or project including, Power Distribution Kits - Battery Terminals - Battery Monitors - Battery Protection.