Inverters + Inverter Chargers

Our range of top quality inverters and inverter chargers enable you to have 240v power when off grid direct from your leisure / deep cycle battery to power 240v equipment like Lap Tops, TVs, Fridges, Microwaves, Air Fryers, Kettles. plus anything you would normaly plug in at home to a 240v socket.

Inverter chargers will give you everything an inverter will give you plus a built in battery charger so when you connect to mains power the inverter will change over to a battery charger for your leisure battery and allow power from mains supply to power your devices.

You will need to select a suitable inverter for the items you want to power and have a large enough leisure battery to be able to supply the power you need. We recommend doubling the size of the inverter for the power you require so the inverter can work efficiently without working at its max all of the time.

For example

  • Inverter - A 1000 watt or 1kw Kettle will need a inverter larger than 1000w to supply the energy the kettle needs.
  • Battery - A 1000 watt or 1kw Kettle will us approx. 85amps per hour so if the kettle is on for 3 minutes you will use approx 4-5amps from your battery

Simply divide the watts of your device by the voltage of your battery to give you the amps this device will need to run for one hour. Then divide the amps by 60 to give you the amount of amps your device will need to run every minute. Then simply multiply the amps per minute by how long you think you need to power the device.

If you need any help or advice on inverters please contact us