Battery to Battery (DC-DC) Chargers

Battery to battery (B2B) chargers, also known as DC-DC chargers, are now the only option we recommend to charge a deep cycle leisure battery while you are driving. Suitable for all modern vehicles with stop start, smart alternators or ECU controlled charging systems.

B2B chargers are also recommended for older vehicles wanting a high quality charging system giving you a much faster charge and higher capacity than a standard split charge system using a relay will achieve.

B2B chargers can be used on multi voltage systems to charge a 12v battery bank from a 24v vehicle like commercial vehicles, race vans and horse boxes or to charge a 24v battery bank from a 12v vehicle 

Battery to battery chargers are the only option we recommend for charging AGM, Gel or Lithium LiFeP04 type batteries to ensure they are charged at the correct voltage and faster up to a full capacity.

Battery to battery charging. Charge your leisure battery while driving. DC to DC charging.

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