Campervan Wiring Diagrams

Campervan Wiring Diagrams

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Please see our basic wiring diagrams below to help to understand the different ways to safely charge a leisure (deep-cycle) battery in your motor vehicle or boat and to distribute power to the 12v DC and 240v AC circuits 

The diagrams show our power distribution kits which have a mega-midi fuse box which allows up to 5 positive fused circuits to all be connected to the leisure battery without overloading the leisure battery terminals plus a common bus bar for the negative circuits to help make a simple and tidy installation.

This type of distribution system can be used for up to a maximum load of 200amps from the leisure battery.

For higher load system using high powered inverters ect. for off grid ac power we recommend a Victron Lynx distribution system for loads up to 1000amps


Power distribution kit

Battery Power Distribution

Split charging using a modern battery to battery DC-DC charger for charging the leisure battery from the engine battery when driving

Split charging using a modern battery to battery DC-DC charger

Solar system using a solar panel connected to a solar charge controller to charge the leisure battery when parked up


Mains charging using a 240v mains charger when on MHU (mains hook up) when connected to the grid at a camp site or at home


Full system using  Battey to Battery charging - Solar Charging - 240v Mains Charging


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